Your Virtual Mailbox Solution

PictaMail is your secure, virtual mail service for letters, documents, packages and boxed deliveries. With street addresses in multiple regions across the United States, we ensure managing your postal mail is as easy and convenient as electronic mail.Your virtual mailbox allows you to manage your letters and packages via any device from any location. With no app to download or website to visit, accessing your postal mail is simple and secure. Just check your email for deliveries.

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Have The Freedom To Manage Your Mail From Anywhere

We Offer

Permanent street addresses throughout the United States.

Immediate scanning of envelopes, letters, documents and packages

Mail delivery sent directly to your secure email address for easy viewing.

Incoming and Outgoing Fax Service.

What we include

A secure virtual mailbox.

A virtual business Address

Scanning and online delivery of postal mail.

Shredding and recycling of letters and documents.

Free archiving of scanned postal mail.

Electronic signature on Package pickups.

Mail and package forwarding to a physical or email location .

Let us Show You How It Works.

Our Services

How It Works

1.Select a mailing address from Partner.

2.Contact the partner store to setup your Virtual Mailbox

3.Once the partner store starts receiving your mail, you will get images of of your Mail in your Email.

4.Tell the partner store what to do with your mail.

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