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Pictamail evolves your physical mailboxes to meet the challenges of a digital world. This solution provides a mail management system that can help monetize incoming parcels along with upcoming PBC's PUDO setup. The easy and compatible PictaMail also provides you an ability to offer your own digital mailbox service.

Digital mailbox,pictamail

PictaMail Differentiation

1-Complete White Label Service

Your customers will only know your store name for the service. PictaMail name will not be visible to your customers

2-Generate Additional Revenue From Your Existing Customers

Use the service to target your mailbox customer who are always calling to check for their mail or are travelers. Charge them additional fee for the service.

3-No Application To Download For your customers

Your customers do not have to download any application. The mail images are sent directly to their inbox.

4-No website login for stores

No website to worry about outages.

5-Localized store customer database

Your customer database is on the device and not stored anywhere.

6-Iphone and Android Versions

Available for both Iphone and Android smartphones.

7-One click OCR “READ” feature

Auto Insert images for faster processing

8-Personalized complete Virtual mailbox option

Use the service as additional revenue from existing physical mailbox customers or Provide your own complete Virtual Mailbox solution. Choice is yours.

9-Check-in Check-out feature with electronic signature

No website to check out. Electronic signature is saved on the device.

10-Simple billing with your existing Software

Manage billing of your customers by utilizing your existing shipping and mailbox management software.

11-No price restriction on additional services

You setup the price. No restrictions on what to charge.

12-No revenue sharing with stores

Flat monthly fee, no revenue sharing on number of renters.

13-Free support and upgrades

No additional charge for future enhancements.


Digital mailbox,pictamail
Digital mailbox,pictamail

Dare to Compare

"PictaMail Subscription fee $34.99 per month"